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Sound Meditation Services 

Janeth Ann Gonda has been facilitating sound meditations since 2017 as the founder of the Mirage Collective, a cast of rotating talent that has performed at music festivals and events in NYC, New England, and Colombia.

​The Mirage Collective draws upon the sonic capabilities of voice, oud, guitar, bass, synthesizers, acoustic drums, electronic drums, flutes, tablas, hanpan, and sound samples for both live performances and recordings. The Collective focuses on cultivating a grounding journey with sound, supplemented by breathwork and guided vinyasa flow movement. 

Create a custom experience for your event today. Services include;

​Hape facilitation

Cacao facilitation

Sound meditations



Affirmation ceremonies

One-on-one guided sound meditations



Let us build a costume experience for your event today!

Stay happy, healthy, and wise!!

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