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Let's talk about adoption!

Hey guys, Janeth here! One of the most significant journeys I have ever been on in my life, a journey that I continue to explore every single day, is the discovery of myself through my birth family and roots. I am 31 years old and I was adopted from Bogota, Colombia at birth. In 2017, I was reunited with my birth family after hiring a private investigator. PLOT TWIST: My story takes quite a ridiculous turn; long story short, the P.I. asked if he could film the experience of meeting my birth family for my mother.. 


Fast forward to three months later my friends in Colombia are telling me they saw me meet my birth family on TV. The P.I essentially turned my most intimate moment into a telenovela. The network had gone behind my back and made a soapy tv segment about an american singer reuniting with her birth family.  WOW a lot I know! Since then, there has been so much more that has unfolded in my story. That is why I am inviting you all to join me on my journey.


I will be launching my YouTube channel where we will be diving into so many different areas of adoption within mixed race families. Some of my most meaningful conversations have been opening up to other people who are adopted about my story, and hearing theirs as well. So let’s talk all things adoption! 


Check out some of the topics I will be discussing on this journey:


  • How to cope with being of a different race from the rest of your family.

  • How to cope with the guilt of wanting to know your birth family when you have any amazing adoptive family.

  • How to navigate setting boundaries when exploring your new connections.

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